PQube AC/DC Power Monitoring

PQube AC/DC Power Monitoring

Base Station AC-and-DC power quality and energy monitoring

You locate your Base Transceiver Stations for optimum coverage, and that often means you don’t necessarily get the cleanest, most reliable power. And intermittent power problems can lead to costly downtime. Without the right instrument these problems are hard to distinguish from other intermittent problems:  bad cables, software bugs, configuration errors, etc.

The PQube detects and records all your power quality events. It monitors both your incoming AC voltage and your -48V DC bus voltage, and your internal and external temperature and humidity, too – all critical for reliability.

Most importantly, your PQube does not require a complex and costly monitoring system. It self-generates completed graph pictures and spreadsheets, and it automatically sends them to you by email (or you can use the PQube’s built-in web or FTP server). Install your PQube, and you’ll be monitoring power disturbances in minutes.

Why worry about power quality events at base stations?

  • Unexpected intermittent equipment failures are expensive and difficult to diagnose. Quickly attribute (or rule out) power quality as the cause of failures. Pays for your PQube in one or two avoided service calls.
  • If the problem is power quality, is it caused by the electrical supply from your utility, or problems within your station? You need the PQube to find out.
  • Are you paying your utility for premium power? If so, are you are getting the quality you’re paying for?

Why monitor energy usage at base stations?

  • You can’t save energy without monitoring it.
  • Get daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption trends from the PQube, in a consistent and easy-to-understand format – no software required.
  • Determine if you can install more equipment without having to increase your electrical system.
  • Help predict HVAC equipment failures - Detect developing leaks, failing motors, and more. Prevent equipment failure by looking at energy consumption over time, and relate it to temperature and humidity.

What makes the PQube so different?

  • Monitors both AC and
    • AC: Direct UL-recognized connection to 480Vac (690Vac L-L max), 3-phase delta, wye, or single-phase.
    • DC: Direct connection to +/-60Vdc. Available +/-300Vdc, +/-600Vdc, +/-1200Vdc adaptors.
    • 15 kHz sampling, cross-triggered with AC disturbances. 1-microsecond impulse detection.
    • AC and DC waveforms, daily/weekly/monthly min/avg/max trends, statistics.
  • Local and remote humidity and temperature monitoring.
  • Fantastically user-friendly monitor – even does your carbon calculations for you.
  • Tiny - smallest full-featured monitor ever. Perfect for embedding in existing or new electric panels.
  • Low cost – payback time typically measured in weeks.
  • Accurate – lab-grade accuracy means you don’t miss any power quality events. Get energy data accurate enough to reliably measure improvements.
  • No software required - no learning curve, no up-front expense, no upgrades, no annual licensing costs.
  • Easy to understand – pictures and spreadsheet files are generated straight from your PQube
  • Works with or without a network. Pop out the PQube’s SD card, or have the PQube send you emails, or access data via PQube’s built-in web server and FTP server.
  • PQube – it’s worth a closer look!www.powerstandards.com

Reprinted with due understanding from our Principle www.powerstandards.com