The ASTeL 3.24-xx Smart meter testing system is a fully automatic multi-position test system, which performs the calibration and verification of three/single phase smart energy meters. The design of the test system and its components uses the latest state of art of technological innovations such as digital signal processing and signal synthesis with high precision and quality. 

The test system is suitable to carryout following tests/tasks on smart meters. 

  • Pre-warming
  • Accuracy test in all four quadrants (active, reactive and apparent energy)
  • No-load test (creep test)
  • Starting current test
  • Register test (dial test)
  • Meter constant test
  • Pulse input and output test
  • Influence quantity test (voltage, frequency, phase sequence, harmonic distortion, etc.)
  • Calibration of reference standard having lower accuracy than the employed reference standard
  • Dips & interruptions
  • Ripple control
  • Testing single phase meters under tampered conditions
  • Calibration of N-channel
  • Power consumption test (Automatic) *
  • Communication with MUT *
  • *optional

The testing system is high customized, number of position and various features is included as per customer requirements


The test system is designed and suitable for testing of smart meters in large volume at production stage. Hence productivity, process efficiency, production times, automation has been given high priority in considering each aspects of solutions. Starting from source, connectivity and multiple testing can be accomplished in single connection, high degree of automation and many more. It is a highly customized product as per customer's requirement.

The  system has following advantage as compare to others

  • Highly stable, powerful, precise and reliable source
  • Faster setting time of test parameters
  • VA rating of source is catering present need and having reserve to expand in future for additional test position. This will save future expansion cost
  • Highly precise reference standard having long term proven stable metrology. 
  • Higher VA rating and precision of ICT
  • Special design of quick connectors
  • Communication with MUT at each test position as per DLMS / IEC 62056 which allow to calibrate/adjust the meter, programme the meter automatically.
  • Power consumption module, which allows to perform power consumption test in voltage and current circuit automatically.
  • Highly efficient, automated and multiple task can be performed on the same test bench, thus avoiding multiple time connection and removal of meter under test
  • Possible to conduct, harmonic testing, special test like voltage dips and interruption
  • N Channel calibration facility
  • Quick mounting of all scanning head and communication probe at once for all meters under test (MUT), which will save production time in fixing scanning head and communication probe.

Component of Smart Meter Test System