CTPT Analyzer


CT PT Analyzer is a light weight portable instrument used for testing/verification of measuring and protection class instrument transformer (CT and PT) at site and laboratory as per IEC 60044-1,2,5,6 and C57.13. The latest innovation eliminates the need of bulky and costlier test system, which is required for testing of CTPT as per conventional method (I.e. injection of high current/voltage and compare it by using the standard CT/VT and measuring bridge).

The analyzer offers the following advantages:-

  • Simple connection, Quick and easy to test CTPT
  • Very user friendly for onsite and lab testing
  • Complete automatic testing and evaluation
  • Light weight (less than 15kg) portable device
  • Single instrument able to carry out testing like accuracy test (ratio and phase angle error, error curve, excitation curve, Hysteresis loop, winding resistance without any changes of wiring as per IEC/ANSI standards.
  • Single instruments able to carry out testing of LV and HV CTPT (CT Ratio up to 35000, PT Ratio 35000)
  • Bigger display allows easy read out.
  • Detailed result stored in the inbuilt computer and easy to transfer in word format for further investigation
  • Energy consumption in overall testing is very minimal as compared to conventional testing.
  • Connection diagrams available on the display to avoid any wiring mistakes

Test and Measurement for CT-

  • Accuracy test(Ratio and phase angle error)
  • Turns ratio test
  • Excitation curve and parameter test
  • Saturation hysteresis loop curve measurement
  • Polarity Mark Check
  • Winding resistance measurement
  • Secondary loop burden measurement
  • Transient CT parameters test
  • Error line curve test for Protection CT
  • Testing of multi-tap/ratio Test
  • Name Plate guess

Test and Measurement for PT-

  • Accuracy test
  • Ratio error and Phase angle error test
  • Polarity test
  • Secondary burden test
  • Winding resistance measurement