Grid Thumper

Grid Thumper


The PSL Grid Thumper™ is a tool for testing, measuring and characterizing the stability of the electric grid. By drawing large precise timed pulses of resistive and reactive power, Grid Thumper subtly perturbs local steady-state voltage and phase angles so as to reveal unique stability characteristics of the local grid.

  • What is the natural frequency where forced oscillations will have the greatest effect?
  • What is the damping coefficient (i.e., how long do oscillations “ring”)?
  • How “rigid” is the grid ?
  • How do distributed energy resources affect grid stability?

The Grid Thumper is interesting in following area

  • to test/simulate grid vulnerabilities to sphisticated cyberattack
  • testing of Genset/microgrid
  • to emulate the load and understanding of its performance when connected to grid
  • Measure actual control loops and damping of population inverters and large electric loads
  • Commissioning testing of Substation/PV plant/wind turbine