Industrial Power Corruptor


The Industrial Power Corruptor creates bad quality signal which is an ideal tool to answer a wide range of questions on your new or existing equipment like: 

  • How new design will work/perform with local power distrubances
  • Will new design comply with CE requirements for industrial equipment voltage sag immunity
  • Do you need to self certify to SEMI F47 and SEMI F6 Standards
  • finding input consumption pattern, inrush current

Function & Features

  • Creates voltage sags and swells, from 0% to 125% of nominal, from1 cycle to 30 seconds
  • High power handling: up to 480 Vrms, 200 amps continuous
  • Safe, knob selected, true phase-to-phase sags and swells – noneutral required, no manual rewiring
  • Optional power flow monitoring
  • Compact size for convenient transport to testing sites
  • Built-in standards: SEMI F47, SEMI E6, SEMI S23, IEC 61000-4- 11, IEC 61000-4-34, SAMSUNG POWER VACCINE, FAA, MIL SPEC, CBEMA, ITIC, and more
  • Built-in 28 channel data acquisition system/digital oscilloscope with voltage and current sensors
  • User-friendly front panel control switches and displays
  • Optional spectrum analyzer and vector scope optimized for power system harmonic monitoring
  • Customized padded rugged polyethylene shipping crate for safe delivery between test sites