Network Analyzer and Meter Tester


The TE30 Analyser and Tester is used for:

  • Verification of power network wiring with measure and recording of power network parameters,
  • Calibration and testing of electricity meters and instrument transformers (CT Current Transformers and PT Potential Transformers) directly on site: electricity meters EN 50470 with accuracy relative to internal reference including measure of meter error, counter error and maximum power meter error,
  • Instrument transformers EN 60044 including CT/PT Ratio error and phase error as well as CT/PT burden simultaneously in three phases,
  • Measuring, recording and analyzing of power quality.


Functions & Features

TE30 as a power network analyzer

Large Touchscreen with display and keyboard functions for easy operation enables

  • Measurement of power network parameters, voltage, current, phase angles, PF, frequency, Powers (P,Q,S individual phase and total)
  • Visualization of measurement results in form of table, vector, trendchart, oscilloscope waveform and bar chart

TE30 as a Meter Tester

  • Calculating meter error in % 
  • Identification of meter constant
  • Measuring energy & register testing
  • Measuring demand and demand meter testing
  • various power calculation incorporated (fundamental or total)


TE30 as a Instrument Transformer Tester

  • Error testing of LV CT
  • Burden measurement of CT & VT

TE30 as a power quality analyzer

  • measuring of power quality parameters according to IEC 61000-4-30 class A with visualization of measurement result in real time method
  • recording of power network parameter (Memory 32 GB)
  • Analyzing of measurement result for EN50160