Power Quality Analyzer-PQube3e


PQube 3e is the compact power quality monitoring device, which is capable to monitor four 3phase circuit. 

In addition to providing advanced power quality monitoring; it measures the energy of 4 circuits along with environmental sensing, and external process measurements: with the same ultra-precise results delivered immediately to your inbox.

Function & Features

PQube 3e offers the following functionality and features

Advance Power quality features

  • Up to 4 MHz high frequency sampling-250 ns transient detection and recording
  • Event triggered recording based on sag, swell, interruption , frequency disturbances, waveshape changes in rush current and more
  • Conducted Emission (2 kHZ - 150 kHz) recording and easy visualization
  • High Speed sampling rate
  • IEC 61000-4-30 ED3 class Acompliant
  • Reporting daily, weekly and monthly trends (with min/avg/max)

14 Energy Metering Channel

  • 14 energy metering channels – four three-phase loads, 14 single-phase loads, or any combinations
  • Flexible configuration of voltage and current channel
  • user definable demand interval
  • 4 Quadrant metering
  • perfect synchronization of peak current event on all channels which allows to analyze the system behaviour easily


Technical Specification