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ApplicationThe ASTeL 3.24-xx Smart meter testing system is a fully automatic multi-position test system, which performs the calibration and verification of three/single phase smart energy meters. The design of the test system and its components uses the latest state of art of technological innovations such as digital signal processing and signal synthesis with high precision […]

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High Precision Reference Standards

The DesignEngineers from Radian Research USA, drew on the expertise and knowledge, acquired for industry legacy RM (Metronic) and RD (Dytronic) reference standards to develop the RX (Xytronic), the ultimate in power and energy measurement technology perfectionFeatures & AdvantageThe Rx Series offers following featuresExtended Measuring Range (30 V-525 V , 5 mA to 200 A […]

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Product RangeMeter TestingSmart Meter Test SystemThe designed test system is suitable for testing smart meters in large volume at production stage. Hence productivity, process efficiency, production times, automation has been given high priority in considering each aspects of solutions; starting from source, connectivity, multiple testing can be accomplished in single connection, high degree of automation […]

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