About Us

About RPP

RPP stands for Reliable Performance with Passion. We are customer-centric actively engaged in the field of supply of test and measuring equipment, training, engineering, and consultancy in the electrical power industry.

Our vision is to acquire and disseminate the knowledge for better future of all stakeholders (including consumers, utility, supplier manufacturer and service provider). Our mission is to promote safety and quality testing practices.

What We Do

Our Main Activities
  • Representing Quality and innovative Product Manufacturers in India
  • Engineering and Consulting
  • Training
  • International Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Product Development

The products offered are following relevant International Standards, and directives. We carry out the rigorous screening, quality check and provide full technical and service after sales support for all the products offered by us.

Engineering and Consulting

Our main area of engineering and consulting services

Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring starting from concept, defining requirements, KPIs, evolution, and recommendations.

Diagnostic and evaluation

Diagnostic and evaluation services for meter failure, reliability, tamper analysis, Power quality analysis, energy efficiency, and T&D loss reduction.

Third party inspection

Third party inspection type, routine and acceptance testing as per agreed specs and international standard.

Lab Accreditation

Lab Accreditation as per ISO17025, guidelines issued by the national accreditation body such as NABL, DAKKS, UKAS, SWEDACS etc. and managing traceability with International Standard.

Process improvements

Process improvements, Optimization and capacity building.

Product Engineering

Requirement Engineering, Product Life Cycle management, testing, field trials, Product launch.


Our specialized training course covers topics
  • Basic of meters, meter testing(in laboratory and at site) as per IEC, IS and other International Stds.
  • Systematic approach in T&D loss reduction
  • Requirement of International Accreditation of calibration and test laboratory as per ISO 17025
  • Customized training programs to achieve high efficiency and knowledge dissemination.

International Business Development and Market Research

Our global presence and vast international network allowed us to develop the international business for the quality manufacturer. We carry out the market study and feasibility study. We develop the sales representative or channel partners and guide for the product roll out in the international market.

We carry out the systematic market research, survey and study on technological trends, suitability of technological solutions and project feasibility before implementing it at large scale.

About Team

RPP team has more than 60 years of experience in the field of energy measurement, testing, distribution and management. RPP has alliances/co-operation/associations with several international experts in the field of electricity distribution and management.

Our key expertise areas are:

  • Energy meter
  • Meter Testing in the lab or at site
  • Revenue protection
  • International Standards
  • International experience on various test practices and regulations

Our Global Presence

We have our offices in India and Germany, also covering Africa, Middle East and Europe through our business associates.