Design & Concept

The Portable Reference Standard RS350 offers much more than traditional meter testing equipment. The design utilizes the maximum benefit of the latest hardware and software technologies available in the market, keeping the focus on the safety and various needs of metering engineers for on-site testing along with high accuracy; meeting the latest metering standards (IEC 62052, 53 series). The design concept is based on the real-life experience of on-site testing projects and challenges faced during various projects.

The RS 350 is suitable for testing different types of energy meters (single & three-phase, direct & CTVT connected), demand meters, CT Testing


  • All activities of on-site meter testing in systematic and uniformly testing
  • Managing Consumer information, meter, site and seal information only.
  • Site pictures before and after testing, (Useful tool to gather evidence).
  • Visual Inspection and other verification activities.
  • Remarks, Customer Signature and finally email to management.
  • CT Testing and Burden Measurement.


  • User-friendly handling & operation via any Android® Tablet or Smart Phone
  • 16 GB memory and further expandable
  • Systematic and uniform test sequencing covering all steps of on-site testing.
  • Systematic data storage, handling, and retrieval
  • The Device can be adjusted by the user. Thus, great savings in time & cost; avoids complex logistic issues
  • Wireless Scanning head
  • Total freedom of using direct or Clamp on CT mode e.g. L1 direct and L2/L3 with clamps
  • Individually replaceable Clamps
  • Neutral Voltage & Current Measurement
  • Three power supply modes; Test circuit, Auxiliary or Battery mode
  • Testing of 3 meters at a time
  • Multi-language support
  • Direct test report email to customer/supervisor or data base update

Energy Meter Testing

  • The features allows user to test the various type of meters (max 3 at a time)
  • to view important real time parameters
  • Detection of meter constant
  • Testing of demand and energy register (P,Q,S) Simultaneously

Wiring check/Site Analysis

All instantenous parameter display with vectorial display

  • Automatic advise on wiring status
  • Power quadrant analysis
  • Site analysis simplified in simple text forms like voltage, current presence, direction, phase sequence, harmonic, unbalance, unsymmetry etc.

Harmonic Measurement

Harmonic measurement in voltage and current circuit up to 63rd Harmonic

  • Both the channel of same phase measured and displayed simultaneously
  • Harmonics displayed in graphical and Tabular format
  • All 6 channel harmonic stored at once.
  • Selection of harmonic in % of fundamental or % of total RMS
  • Phase wise harmonic power

Further more

Further equipment has lot of user friendly features, such as:

  • Voltage and current range selection for individual phase
  • Clamp on CT get recognized automatically
  • Direct and Clamp on CT mode can be used simultaneously
  • GPS location storage